The worldwide trend of rapid urbanization and inclination of major populace to hunt for luxurious resident in big cities has been changing our world since decades. The geared up population growth has given birth to grave need to take auspicious steps to facilitate this population. Facilitating this massively increased population is a laborious task which is creating large scale problems in a developing country like Pakistan.
The major issues along with scarce water, gas electricity as well other resources is Visual pollution, the least discussed form of pollution in Pakistan.

Exposed wires in main bazaars, unnecessary and unregulated advertisement boards and sign boards and wall chalking have invaded in every city of Pakistan. Natural and aesthetic environment as seen in old pictures has been engulfed by them.

Karachi is the worst visual pollution hit area with thousands of billboards in this city. There are 160 billboards on single Gora Qabristan road which are increasing every day causing a steep hike to visual pollution graph.

Aesthetic scenes of old Lahore have been engulfed by gigantic advertisement boards. Millions of revenue is generated from them but no laws to control them.

Our space has been sold to these Panaflex sheets, wall chalking, billboards and other factors of visual pollution for the sake of advertisement which must be regulated and alternatives are to be used.