Kristine Thompson on Wednesday chooses to post on Facebook to remark a heartwarming story of her child Jayne having heart surgery.

Over a year ago Jayne was diagnosed with ‘tetralogy of fallot’ -a congenital heart disease in infants- soon after which she underwent open heart surgery by a well known Pakistani surgeon Dr. Nuri which apparently saved Jayne’s life. Kristine remembers the horrors she went through when her daughter was diagnosed with heart disease and the day she went heart surgery. She shares the post-surgery image of Jayne and another image with a happy face of her after one year of surgery.

“Dr. Nuri in my opinion, saved my daughter’s life.” She expressed

Further criticizing Trump’s refugees ban she states,
“Now, Pakistan isn’t on the list of banned countries, but it very well could be. I imagine what could happen if travel continues to be banned, if Pakistan is next, if Jayne needs another surgery. How many people will suffer?”

Jayne’s surgeon, Dr. Nuri is a Pakistani surgeon who spends time every year on medical missions to underdeveloped countries, providing cardiac services to unprivileged people round the world.